A Day at the Denver Zoo

The Denver Zoo is one of our most favorite place in the entire city.


It might be because we have kids, but I don’t think so. We totally would go to the zoo regularly when it was just the two of us. There is just something about it.

We both love animals a lot, which is obviously a big part of it, but it is also just a really beautiful place. There is amazing plants and trees everywhere and it really just feels like a little natural oasis in the middle of the city. Having a pass is also definitely the way to go. It completely takes the stress away. We can go for a couple hours on a Sunday morning just to see a few things, and not feel bad leaving before nap time. It is one of our favorite Sunday activities and we are there probably twice a month.

Anyways…these photos are from our last trip to the zoo and what a fun day it was. We asked everybody what animals they wanted to see that day and we managed to squeeze all of them in. I am already excited for out next trip.

The Denver Zoo - 14.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 23.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 11.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 9.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 30.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 1.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 33.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 35.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 22.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 4.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 28.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 32.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 13.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 3.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 21.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 17.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 7.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 27.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 31.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 8.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 2.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 5.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 6.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 34.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 20.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 36.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 18.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 29.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 37.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 24.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 25.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 10.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 12.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 16.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 15.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 19.jpeg

X-Pro2 | XF16mm f1.4 | XF35mm f1.4
X-E2 | XF23mm f2

A Quick Portrait of Courtney

My wife and I celebrated her birthday with a night in Denver, and I decided to make a fast portrait.

Our original plan was to go out last Tuesday, but our little son Arden got terribly sick and it just did’t feel right leaving him with grandma. We were able to go out this past Saturday though and it turned into a beautiful evening.

We grabbed a drink and appetizer at the Ale House and then had dinner at one of my favorite Restaurants in Denver, Linger. It was a beautiful night celebrating my beautiful wife.

The battery to my camera actually died shortly in to the evening. I actually kinda didn’t mind. Sometimes I like just enjoying the evening without having to take pictures. Before it did though, I sat Courtney down for a couple of portraits on an interesting looking staircase. They are simple images and not much to write home about, but I need to do this more. My true passion is candid photography, but portraits can be very special and important in capturing somebody as they are. I think I need to make them a bigger part of my photography moving forward.

Courtney Gilmer
Courtney Gilmer
Courtney Gilmer

My Family

You know the phrase "A plumbers pipes are always leaking"? I have found that to be true as a photographer as well.

I am a huge proponent of family pictures, but am so busy that I often am not good about making sure we have pictures of our own family. A couple weeks ago we decided to skip to church and head to the mountains. It was a foggy and rainy morning, which is pretty rare here, but oddly me and my wife LOVE this weather. We brought the camera and my father-in-law and I were able to capture some beautiful photos of my family. It was so refreshing and fun and I am so glad to have these memories captured. We will be doing this more in the future for sure. 


Fall Scenes

I love this time of year so much. It feels calming and good for the soul. As much as we can, Courtney and I like to get out and just go for walks and enjoy the colors and the crisp air. This time of year will now be even more special as it will always remind us of the time River came into our lives. These are some photos from these walks of what Fall looks like in our little neighborhood. 

Fuji X100s | VSCOfilm | October 2015 | Northglenn Co.