My name is Nathan and I am a photographer based out of Northglenn Colorado.

My goal for 2019 is to live an art-full life. I want to make the pursuit of beauty a daily goal, even in the chaos of our current world.

I am married to a beautiful Italian girl I met in college. She is sweet and passionate and fiery. We have two beautiful little kids together and a little mid-century house that we love. This is my world.

I was a wedding photographer for decent amount of time, and while I still love weddings and occasionally shoot them, I have discovered that family portraits is what I really love to do. Maybe becoming a dad changed that for me, but I love being able to capture a family in a specific time and place of their lives. I love family, I believe in family, and I love capturing the beauty that is family.

I am a whiskey drinker, pipe smoker, music lover, and constant explorer. I photograph for the joy of it and I hope my photographs inspire people to see the beauty in the everyday. That is my goal.

Fujifilm X-Series

Photography is not all about gear, however there is something to be said about a tool that makes you want to create, and the Fujifilm X-series makes me want to create. I have been shooting with Fuji cameras for over 7 years and I truly love them. They are well-built beautiful machines that produce some amazing images. They are a huge part of my creative process and I am very grateful to Fuji for creating such great tools for creatives like myself.