New Bumper


I picked up a new bumper for the Jeep! It is a Garvin Industries Wilderness bumper. As I write this though I realize that I have actually done several things to the old Jeep in the last few weeks that I haven't posted about. I sold a couple watches that were worth a little bit of money and I put that money back into Jeep. I suppose I should actually do a big update on all the mods here soon. 

In the mean time here is a nice rear end shot on a cool road at sunset. 

Keep exploring my friends. 

Bunce School Road

My alarm went off at 3:40am. I had a deadline to meet. I had a made a promise, a promise to myself that I had to keep. 

Life has changed a lot for me over that last couple years. In less than two years I went from being a married 20-something to being a thirty year old father of two. It has been the most amazing 2 years ever and I wouldn't change a thing about it. But one part of my life that has gone away a little bit is my ability to seek adventure. I need adventure in my life. I actually think every man does, it is part of what makes us men. I made a promise to myself that I would again start to seek adventure. 

With that promise I also agreed to myself that I would not sacrifice my role as a husband and father for adventure. It will need to supplement my responsibly and keep me refreshed and recharged to keep being the husband and dad I am called to be. I figured out that the best way to do this is to use the hours of the day that most people don't. So this morning Scott and I loaded up the Jeeps and headed west. 

We originally planned on doing Middle Saint Vrain trail but it was a bit too snow packed for two open-diff Jeeps. We ended up doing Bunce School Road. It was challenging, windy, cold, beautiful, and exactly what I needed. I ended up only getting one good picture. I will document future trips a little better. This was just about getting out into the wild for a little bit. 

Adventure is necessary, especially for men. I am learning to find it where I can. 

The Bates: Westminster Family Photography

The Bates are one of the awesome families that I have had the opportunity to shoot for several years now. It is probably my favorite thing about photography, the relationships. I get to watch this family grow every year and I get to be a part of documenting their love for each other and the journey of their life. It truly is a joy and an honor. I hope I get to photograph them every year for decades to come.  

Fall Pics - 1.jpg
Fall Pics - 2.jpg
Fall Pics - 4.jpg
Fall Pics - 5.jpg
Fall Pics - 6.jpg
Fall Pics - 7.jpg
Fall Pics - 9.jpg
Fall Pics - 8.jpg
Fall Pics - 10.jpg
Fall Pics - 11.jpg
Fall Pics - 13.jpg
Fall Pics - 12.jpg
Fall Pics - 14.jpg
Fall Pics - 15.jpg
Fall Pics - 16.jpg
Fall Pics - 17.jpg
Fall Pics - 18.jpg