Northglenn Colorado: New Photo Series

Northglenn Colorado is a small little suburb about 15 minutes outside of Denver. It is also the town that we live in.

My goal with this project is to capture Northglenn as it is now, and as it changes over time.

I am pulling on my strong William Eggleston inspiration for this project. It will all be shot on my Fuji X100f using a modified Classic Chrome emulation. I am starting with these two photos but I will add and remove photos over time to make a complete gallery. 

I have been wanting a project like this for awhile, a reason to go out and explore. And with the pace that the Denver area is changing, photos like this can become very important as Northglenn will likely look very different 10 years from now. 

Summer Storms

One of my biggest passions and joys in life is photographing nature and especially weather. Every once in awhile we will get this perfect storm (pun intended) of crazy clouds and rain right as the sun is setting. I took this photo right outside our backyard in the open space. It was a pretty amazing moment. I want more of those. 

Click on the photo to view larger. 

My Family

You know the phrase "A plumbers pipes are always leaking"? I have found that to be true as a photographer as well. I am a huge proponent of family pictures, but am so busy that I often am not good about making sure we have pictures of our own family. A couple weeks ago we decided to skip to church and head to the mountains. It was a foggy and rainy morning, which is pretty rare here, but oddly me and my wife LOVE this weather. We brought the camera and my I and my father-in-law were able to capture some beautiful photos of my family. It was so refreshing and fun and I am so glad to have these memories captured. We will be doing this more in the future for sure. 

Overland Bound Camping Trip: Part 1

We finally got to do an event with Overland Bound! My good buddy John and I joined along on a camping trip with some good people of the Rocky Mountain Region of Overland Bound. It really was a great time getting to test the Jeep for the first time, enjoy some outdoors, and meet some wonderful people. Hopefully we will be able to attend more of these in the near future.