A Quick Trip to Brainard Lake

Some of our dearest and oldest friends were in town this past week from Florida, and we decided to go exploring.


We were able to carve out one complete day to head up in to the mountains and do some exploring. We decided on Brainard lake which is absolutely beautiful and, because of the huge amount of late season snow we got, not crowded at all. Many of the trails were still snow packed and we all ended up with shoes full of snow, but it was a still a blast. It was also beautiful! I want to make little trips like this happen more this year. The mountains are good for my soul. It is like a reset.

Exploreing the Mountains - 1.jpg
Exploreing the Mountains - 2.jpg
Exploreing the Mountains - 3.jpg
Exploreing the Mountains - 4.jpg
Photo by Courtney Gilmer

Photo by Courtney Gilmer

Exploreing the Mountains - 6.jpg
Exploreing the Mountains - 9.jpg
Exploreing the Mountains - 11.jpg
Exploreing the Mountains - 7.jpg
Exploreing the Mountains - 8.jpg
Exploreing the Mountains - 10.jpg
Exploreing the Mountains - 12.jpg
Exploreing the Mountains - 13.jpg
Exploreing the Mountains - 14.jpg
Exploreing the Mountains - 15.jpg
Exploreing the Mountains - 16.jpg
Exploreing the Mountains - 17.jpg
Exploreing the Mountains - 18.jpg
Exploreing the Mountains - 19.jpg
Exploreing the Mountains - 20.jpg
Exploreing the Mountains - 21.jpg

Fujifilm X-Pro 2 | XF35mm f1.4 | XF16mm f1.4 WR

Mastin Labs Portra 160 Pushed | Adobe Lightroom

Ashley and Isaac × Piggies: Fall Portraits

Yes you read that right…piggies.

Before her mini-session Ashley asked if it was ok if they brought along their pigs for the shoot, to which I replied “that sounds like my dreams coming true”. It really was a blast and I love mixing things up. On top of that these two were amazing. Ashely is so sweet and hilarious, and her boy Isaac is a super cool little dude…way cooler than me actually. I mean check out that smile!

On a technical not, this was my first shoot with the “fujicron” line up of f2 lenses, the 23mm f2, 35mm f2, and the 50mm f2. They performed WAY better than I expected. I am sold on them for sure.

We will definitely be doing another round of mini-shoots this next fall so keep your eyes out. Slots go fast.

Fall Mini Portraits - 1.jpg
Fall Mini Portraits - 2.jpg
Fall Mini Portraits - 3.jpg
Fall Mini Portraits - 4.jpg
Fall Mini Portraits - 5.jpg
Fall Mini Portraits - 6.jpg
Fall Mini Portraits - 7.jpg
Fall Mini Portraits - 8.jpg
Fall Mini Portraits - 9.jpg
Fall Mini Portraits - 10.jpg
Fall Mini Portraits - 11.jpg
Fall Mini Portraits - 12.jpg
Fall Mini Portraits - 14.jpg
Fall Mini Portraits - 13.jpg
Fall Mini Portraits - 16.jpg
Fall Mini Portraits - 15.jpg

Summer Storms

One of my biggest passions and joys in life is photographing nature and especially weather. Every once in awhile we will get this perfect storm (pun intended) of crazy clouds and rain right as the sun is setting. I took this photo right outside our backyard in the open space. It was a pretty amazing moment. I want more of those. 

Click on the photo to view larger. 

Kelly + Steve: Colorado Engagement Pictures

It was very cold and we were joined by some mountain goats, those are the two things that stand out the most about this shoot.

Colorado Engagement Pictures-2.jpg

But in all honesty, the mountains were the best...or maybe only place to shoot Kelly and Steve's pictures. They are mountain people through and through. They camp, hike, and even do 50mile running races through the mountains. They are also REALLY good people. 

I have known Kelly since my college days and when we both ended up in Colorado, we quickly became great friends. We always knew she would end up with an awesome guy and Steve is perfect for her. We love them so much and are so freaking happy for them. Were a little mad that they didn't stay here in Colorado, but life is bringing them even farther west, and we are super excited to see where God leads them. 

Colorado Engagement Pictures-3.jpg
Colorado Engagement Pictures-4.jpg
Colorado Engagement Pictures-5.jpg
Colorado Engagement Pictures-6.jpg
Colorado Engagement Pictures-1.jpg
Colorado Engagement Pictures-7.jpg
Colorado Engagement Pictures-8.jpg
Colorado Engagement Pictures-9.jpg
Colorado Engagement Pictures-10.jpg
Colorado Engagement Pictures-12.jpg
Colorado Engagement Pictures-13.jpg
Colorado Engagement Pictures-14.jpg
Colorado Engagement Pictures-15.jpg
Colorado Engagement Pictures-16.jpg
Colorado Engagement Pictures-17.jpg
Colorado Engagement Pictures-18.jpg
Colorado Engagement Pictures-19.jpg
Colorado Engagement Pictures-22.jpg
Colorado Engagement Pictures-23.jpg
Colorado Engagement Pictures-24.jpg
Colorado Engagement Pictures-25.jpg
Colorado Engagement Pictures-26.jpg
Colorado Engagement Pictures-27.jpg
Colorado Engagement Pictures-28.jpg
Colorado Engagement Pictures-29.jpg
Colorado Engagement Pictures-30.jpg
Colorado Engagement Pictures-32.jpg
Colorado Engagement Pictures-33.jpg
Colorado Engagement Pictures-34.jpg
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Colorado Engagement Pictures-37.jpg
Colorado Engagement Pictures-38.jpg
Colorado Engagement Pictures-39.jpg
Colorado Engagement Pictures-40.jpg
Colorado Engagement Pictures-41.jpg
Colorado Engagement Pictures-42.jpg
Colorado Engagement Pictures-43.jpg