Film Friday: Fuji 400H

This is my first developed roll of Fuji 400H. I was really curious to see the results I would get. At first I was pretty disappointed. It isn't super contrasty or colorful so at first it looks kinda bland. The more I look at these images, though, the more I like it. It is subtle and beautiful and handles skin tones so well. I am not sure how much I will shoot it in the future, but I really like the way this roll came out. 

Nikon F100 | Fuji Pro 400H | November 2013-February 2014 | Florida and Colorado

Cameras I Wish Fujifilm Would Make

So as most of you know, I recently made the switch back to Fujifilm. I am so happy. I never should have left. They don't make the fastest cameras nor do they have the best image quality, but they have soul. I realize that sounds silly and hard to explain, but its true. They have a personality and feel to them that makes me want to take better pictures. 

So as much as I really love what Fuji is doing with their X-Series, I was thinking the other day of some dream cameras that I kinda wish they would make. They probably won't do these as I don't think they make sense for most people, but they would be so freakin cool if they did. 

I wanted to make this list as plausible as possible so I used only cameras that Fuji is currently making or has made in the past as inspiration for new cameras they could make today.

X116, x135, x156


I am by far not the person to suggest this, but I would LOVE if Fuji would release versions of their X100 series cameras with different focal lengths. I own the TCL-X100 and WCL-X100 converters, but they are a little cumbersome and just not a great solution. 


16mm (24mm equivalent) is a classic wide street photography focal length and would be an awesome addition to the current X100 cameras. Especially if they could keep the lens fast at 1.4 or 2.


This is the camera I REALLY really want and might be the only camera I would need. 50mm is the perfect focal length to me and if they could permanently put a lens like the XF 35mm f1.4 on an X100 body I would be the happiest photographer around. 


This would be the portrait body of the X100 lineup. Obviously it would have to have a pretty big chunk of glass on the front but since it would mainly be used for portraits that wouldn't really matter. If they made it fast and as great of a lens as the XF 56mm f1.2 people would be stoked. I could easily see a scenario where wedding/portrait photographers use the current X100 and an X156 as their only two cameras/bodies. It would be simple, small, versatile...but we can only dream for now right?


The Hasselblad X-Pan/Fuji TX-1 was a camera that Fuji produced for Hasselblad and was sold in the late 90's and early 2000's. It was a 35mm film camera that produced a panoramic image of 24mm x 65mm. It was really the only true panoramic 35mm camera ever made. It is one of my dream cameras even to this day and if Fuji made a digital version of it, I would have to find a way to own it. 

It would be an interesting technical challenge because to do it right, it would need to truly be a panoramic APSC camera. It doesn't need to be Full-Frame height as APSC is more than enough these days, but it would have to be twice the width of a current APSC sensor. I know technically this would be very difficult and would probably make the camera very expensive, but it would be the perfect landscape photographers camera. 

It would need three lenses, a super-wide, a medium-wide, and a portrait. I know its a speciality camera, but I think it would sell. I know I would love to own one. 


There has been rumors that Fuj is working on a digital medium-format camera for a while know. I have no clue if its true, but I hope it is. If it is, this is the camera I hope they are working on. 

A note on sensor size: I have come to learn that the difference between APSC and Full-Frame is so negligible that it makes no difference to me. I have no desire to go larger than APSC unless something close to full medium-format was an option. 

This is the camera that I hope Fuji builds if they go MF. It is a simple rangefinder with a fixed 90mm lens, which is similar to 50mm on full-frame. It is simple, fast, fun, and would create a HUGE, detailed, beautiful, image. It would be an amazing camera to have in your bag for portraits at weddings and would make an excellent commercial photography camera. 

This would have to be a pricey camera, I realize that, but if they could keep it under 5k it would be the most affordable MF camera on the market, and I think would sell very well. Plus it would be freakin cool. 


To be completely honest, out of all the cameras on this list, this is the one I wish they would make first. Fujifilm needs a good premium compact camera. I know, I know, they already have the Xq2 and the X30, but those both have small sensors and that is my biggest problem with them. 

I don't need a compact camera as much, but my wife does. She doesn't like carrying big cameras but she loves being able to take great pictures. Right now she is using a Ricoh GR, which is a pretty great camera, but I really wish there was a Fujifilm camera, with a 23mm lens and an APSC sensor that was as small as possible. It doesn't have to have a viewfinder or even much manual control. I just want an easy camera to pocket and shoot that can make images with as good of quality as my other X-series cameras. 

This was possible back in the film days, but isn't with digital and that bums me out. 

Well that's it. That is my Fujifilm wish list. I know I probably want get any of these but a guy can dream right? Either way I love my Fuji cameras and will keep buying them as long as Fuji keeps making awesome, beautiful cameras that photographers actually like to use. 

What cameras do you wish Fujifilm would make?

Mammoth Gulch

Taking a car where most cars can't go, seeing sights that few get to see, breathing fresh air, hearing almost nothing but the sound of your engine and the wind blowing...these are some of the reasons I love Jeeping. Colorado never ceases to amaze me with its beauty and opportunity to just have fun. 

Get out! Go explore! You never know what you might find. 

Fuji X100s + WCL-X100 | VSCOfilm Portra 160 | September 2015 | Mammoth Gulch, Colorado

Hitting the Streets with my X100s

So I recently made the switch back to shooting Fujifilm. This is now the second time I have left Fuji only to come back. I made the decision for reasons that are kinda hard for me to explain. It's mostly a feeling thing. The image quality isn't necessarily better (though it is very good), they aren't the fastest cameras ever, but they just feel good to use. I am not sure that I would have even wanted to venture out and capture these images had I not had an X100s in my hand. There is something about them that inspires me to go take pictures and that is better than any "feature" a camera can have. 

These photos below are some of my first attempts at street photography...whatever that is. My goal was just to capture a little bit of Denver. I want to get better at photographing people, it still makes me very nervous, but it takes practice. 

I used my X100s with both the wide and the tele converters. I was actually really impressed with them. The quality through the converters was amazing and it kinda turns the X100s into its own little system.

X100s + TCL-X100 + WXL-X100