Nathan Gilmer

 Wedding Philosophy

For a long time now, wedding photography has been turned into this very complicated thing. 

Magazines and sites like The Knot have made details, and being "featured" and exotic locations the most important things. Photographers have complicated packages that are difficult to understand and it has all kinda turned into this mess that completely misses the point. 

I believe that a wedding is about a man and a woman who love each other, choosing to selflessly be with and for each other the rest of their lives. It is the most beautiful relationship on earth and deserves so much importance in our lives. 

I try to take some of the complication out of weddings by offering a very simple service. I do my absolute best to capture the most important, intimate, and beautiful moments of your wedding day in as beautiful a way as possible. I deliver those images to you via a beautifully printed Storybook to last for generations, and an online gallery for sharing, proofing, printing, and downloading your favorite images. 

I think choosing your photographer is a very personal decision. Do you love their style? Do you think they could tell your story well? Do you resonate with their personality? I completely understand that I am not the right photographer for some people. But if you do resonate with who I am and dig my work than I may be the right fit. Let's get together and chat about you and your wedding and see what we can make together. 

Coverage Starting at $1500



If you ask me, pictures aren't real until they are printed. Pictures were made to be handled and felt and passed around. We live in an age in which way too many things are created digital and stay digital and it just feels so unauthentic. Forty years from now when your grandkids want to hear the story of your wedding, you are going to want to pull out an old dusty album with beautifully printed pictures that they can flip through and see the story of your day right in front of them. 

Digital Gallery

Delivery of your images is as simple as possible. I will send you a link to an online gallery with all your images elegantly displayed on your computer and every device you own. From this site you can share images, choose favorites for your albums, and order beautiful archival quality prints.