A Day at the Denver Zoo

The Denver Zoo is one of our most favorite place in the entire city.


It might be because we have kids, but I don’t think so. We totally would go to the zoo regularly when it was just the two of us. There is just something about it.

We both love animals a lot, which is obviously a big part of it, but it is also just a really beautiful place. There is amazing plants and trees everywhere and it really just feels like a little natural oasis in the middle of the city. Having a pass is also definitely the way to go. It completely takes the stress away. We can go for a couple hours on a Sunday morning just to see a few things, and not feel bad leaving before nap time. It is one of our favorite Sunday activities and we are there probably twice a month.

Anyways…these photos are from our last trip to the zoo and what a fun day it was. We asked everybody what animals they wanted to see that day and we managed to squeeze all of them in. I am already excited for out next trip.

The Denver Zoo - 14.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 23.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 11.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 9.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 30.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 1.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 33.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 35.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 22.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 4.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 28.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 32.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 13.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 3.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 21.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 17.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 7.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 27.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 31.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 8.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 2.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 5.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 6.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 34.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 20.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 36.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 18.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 29.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 37.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 24.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 25.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 10.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 12.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 16.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 15.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 19.jpeg

X-Pro2 | XF16mm f1.4 | XF35mm f1.4
X-E2 | XF23mm f2

A Roll of Film From Another Life

I shot a lot of film over the past couple of years, but I am kinda bad about having it developed.

I have a fridge full of rolls that I need to get processed. I am trying to do it one roll at time. This one was kind of a surprise. It was from our last month in Florida and mostly features my good buddy Isaac. He was going through a really shitty time when these pictures were taken, but it was good to spend some time with him. I am very happy to say he is doing much better now and I miss the guy like crazy.

Palmer College of Chiropractic

This series of photos is an experiment from many years ago, around 2011...I think.


My wife had just started studying at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange Florida. I have been a fan of good architecture for a long time and Palmer has an absolutely beautiful campus! It is a very modern building of mostly white painted steel, glass, and large accents of orange. It’s bright, airy and open, and there are little nooks and cozy places with chairs and tables for students to study all over the campus. It's a great use of space that is perfect for its application. The buildings felt rooted in classic education but modern and forward-looking, just like the study of chiropractic care is.

Looking back, I wish I would have spent a bit more time there, soaking it in and making photographs, but these images I have I think are interesting. I was experimenting with film a lot at the time and Courtney had given me a little plastic 35mm camera with a fixed focal length and no focus. I thought it might be a fun idea to shoot a beautiful modern building with a crappy little camera...and it was. I think they have a really cool vibe. They feel a bit like some of the mid-century magazine articles about architecture I have seen, or even the work of Julias Schulman. I do not mean to compare this work to his at all, he was a master at his craft, and I was goofing around with a plastic camera in a cool building, but it was fun and inspiring nonetheless, and I would like to experiment more with this sometime soon.



I have always loved monochrome images but I could never get in a grove with taking them myself.

I recently re-discovered the work of Nate Kaiser, and it kinda changed it for me. I talked about his work in my last post. What I realized by looking at his photography, is that by not using color, in many ways, the photograph is reduced to the moment. Light, shadow, and composition are all extremely important, but it in his photography specifically the moment is most important.

I still adore beautiful color, but for the more simple everyday moments with my friends and family, I am really starting to love monochrome. It has shown me that I have a long way to go in my photography journey. Seeing those magic little moments is not easy, and being fast enough to capture them is even harder.

Below is a random collection of images over the last month or so taken in black-and-white. I used my Fuji X Pro-2 and the 16mm f2, 23mm f2, 35mm f2, and the 50mm f2. Processed with Mastin Labs.

DSCF4701 2.jpg
DSCF4713 2.jpg
DSCF4749 2.jpg
DSCF4760 2.jpg
BW - 2.jpg
BW - 3.jpg
BW - 4.jpg
BW - 5.jpg
BW - 6.jpg
BW - 7.jpg
BW - 8.jpg
BW - 9.jpg
BW - 10.jpg
BW - 11.jpg
BW - 1.jpg
BW - 2.jpg
BW - 3.jpg
BW - 4.jpg
BW - 5.jpg
BW - 6.jpg
BW - 7.jpg
BW - 8.jpg
BW - 9.jpg
BW - 10.jpg