A Day at the Denver Zoo

The Denver Zoo is one of our most favorite place in the entire city.


It might be because we have kids, but I don’t think so. We totally would go to the zoo regularly when it was just the two of us. There is just something about it.

We both love animals a lot, which is obviously a big part of it, but it is also just a really beautiful place. There is amazing plants and trees everywhere and it really just feels like a little natural oasis in the middle of the city. Having a pass is also definitely the way to go. It completely takes the stress away. We can go for a couple hours on a Sunday morning just to see a few things, and not feel bad leaving before nap time. It is one of our favorite Sunday activities and we are there probably twice a month.

Anyways…these photos are from our last trip to the zoo and what a fun day it was. We asked everybody what animals they wanted to see that day and we managed to squeeze all of them in. I am already excited for out next trip.

The Denver Zoo - 14.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 23.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 11.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 9.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 30.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 1.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 33.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 35.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 22.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 4.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 28.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 32.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 13.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 3.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 21.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 17.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 7.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 27.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 31.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 8.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 2.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 5.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 6.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 34.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 20.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 36.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 18.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 29.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 37.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 24.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 25.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 10.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 12.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 16.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 15.jpeg
The Denver Zoo - 19.jpeg

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A Quick Trip to Brainard Lake

Some of our dearest and oldest friends were in town this past week from Florida, and we decided to go exploring.


We were able to carve out one complete day to head up in to the mountains and do some exploring. We decided on Brainard lake which is absolutely beautiful and, because of the huge amount of late season snow we got, not crowded at all. Many of the trails were still snow packed and we all ended up with shoes full of snow, but it was a still a blast. It was also beautiful! I want to make little trips like this happen more this year. The mountains are good for my soul. It is like a reset.

Exploreing the Mountains - 1.jpg
Exploreing the Mountains - 2.jpg
Exploreing the Mountains - 3.jpg
Exploreing the Mountains - 4.jpg
Photo by Courtney Gilmer

Photo by Courtney Gilmer

Exploreing the Mountains - 6.jpg
Exploreing the Mountains - 9.jpg
Exploreing the Mountains - 11.jpg
Exploreing the Mountains - 7.jpg
Exploreing the Mountains - 8.jpg
Exploreing the Mountains - 10.jpg
Exploreing the Mountains - 12.jpg
Exploreing the Mountains - 13.jpg
Exploreing the Mountains - 14.jpg
Exploreing the Mountains - 15.jpg
Exploreing the Mountains - 16.jpg
Exploreing the Mountains - 17.jpg
Exploreing the Mountains - 18.jpg
Exploreing the Mountains - 19.jpg
Exploreing the Mountains - 20.jpg
Exploreing the Mountains - 21.jpg

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