August Portraits

365 Project - 1 (5).jpeg
365 Project - 2.jpeg
365 Project - 1 (10).jpeg

These photos are a part of my ongoing attempt to capture one good portrait of every member of my family, every month, forever. All of these were taken during our vacation at Hilton Head Island in South Carolina.


Daylight Savings Time hit today!

I can totally feel the hour of lost sleep. I always hate the change at first but it means that spring is coming and puts a little bit of joy in my heart. I love winter and I love the snow, but the thought that spring is on the way has me so excited. I am ready for warm days and the smell of new life in the air. 

Jeeping with Stevo

My brother Stephen and I did some snow jeeping in his huge JK the other day. It was pretty cold but it felt so good to get up in the mountains and do some exploring with my brother. Those moments are good for the soul. It's like a refresh of the heart. 

Plus its big cool Jeeps.