I have always loved monochrome images but I could never get in a grove with taking them myself.

I recently re-discovered the work of Nate Kaiser, and it kinda changed it for me. I talked about his work in my last post. What I realized by looking at his photography, is that by not using color, in many ways, the photograph is reduced to the moment. Light, shadow, and composition are all extremely important, but it in his photography specifically the moment is most important.

I still adore beautiful color, but for the more simple everyday moments with my friends and family, I am really starting to love monochrome. It has shown me that I have a long way to go in my photography journey. Seeing those magic little moments is not easy, and being fast enough to capture them is even harder.

Below is a random collection of images over the last month or so taken in black-and-white. I used my Fuji X Pro-2 and the 16mm f2, 23mm f2, 35mm f2, and the 50mm f2. Processed with Mastin Labs.

DSCF4701 2.jpg
DSCF4713 2.jpg
DSCF4749 2.jpg
DSCF4760 2.jpg
BW - 2.jpg
BW - 3.jpg
BW - 4.jpg
BW - 5.jpg
BW - 6.jpg
BW - 7.jpg
BW - 8.jpg
BW - 9.jpg
BW - 10.jpg
BW - 11.jpg
BW - 1.jpg
BW - 2.jpg
BW - 3.jpg
BW - 4.jpg
BW - 5.jpg
BW - 6.jpg
BW - 7.jpg
BW - 8.jpg
BW - 9.jpg
BW - 10.jpg

Testing the Fuji 16mm f2.8 in Denver

The other day I finally got the chance to take the new Fuji 16mm f2.8 WR out for a spin, and I will say right off the bat, I really like this lens.

It took me a minute to get used to the wider field of view, but not as long as I thought. At least in a scenario like wondering around a city, it is perfect for capturing the whole experience. There is some distortion as to be expected, and it isn’t the sharpest lens at f2.8, but it is small, light, and a ton of fun.

I think the 16mm combined with the 35mm f2 would make a killer everyday and travel setup. I definitely plan on selling my 23mm f2 as I never really loved it and the 16mm replaces it for me. I am going to hold on to the 50mm f2 for now because it makes a KILLER portrait lens and I am not quite ready to let that go yet.

Anyways, its a fun lens, I am sure I will post more pictures from it soon…also I need to wander around downtown a little more than I currently do.

Fuji 16mm f2.8 in Denver - 1.jpg
Fuji 16mm f2.8 in Denver - 2.jpg
Fuji 16mm f2.8 in Denver - 3.jpg
Fuji 16mm f2.8 in Denver - 4.jpg
Fuji 16mm f2.8 in Denver - 5.jpg
Fuji 16mm f2.8 in Denver - 6.jpg
Fuji 16mm f2.8 in Denver - 7.jpg
Fuji 16mm f2.8 in Denver - 8.jpg
Fuji 16mm f2.8 in Denver - 9.jpg
Fuji 16mm f2.8 in Denver - 10.jpg
Fuji 16mm f2.8 in Denver - 11.jpg