An Uncomfortable Mission to Buy A Station Wagon

Well me and my dad made the trip out to buy the Roadmaster. We bussed overnight to Kansas City and it was absolutely terrible. I will try to never ride a bus again. It was worth it though. I really love my car. 

This was my first time seeing her. It was like seeing heaven after that bus ride. It was in about the condition I expected. There will be lots of little projects and a couple big ones. It will definitely keep me busy for a few years. 

The ride back was smooth and comfortable. We had a good time. It was a beautiful day and we really enjoyed the ride, even though we were pretty tired. It also gave us a good chance to get to know the car. 

And....we're home! I am so excited about this car. It's going to be freakin bast. I already love it more than any car I have ever owned.