Coors Tour

A few weeks back my buddy Brian and I headed down to Golden Colorado to do the Coors Factory tour. It was pretty great. This is actually only part of it. The rest of this days adventures is on another roll somewhere that I am sure I will develop soon. 

Nikon FA | Fuji Pro 400H | Golden Colorado | Summer 2015

First Roll of Fuji 400H

This is my first developed roll of Fuji 400H. I was really curious to see the results I would get.

At first I was pretty disappointed. It isn't super contrasty or colorful so at first it looks kinda bland. The more I look at these images, though, the more I like it. It is subtle and beautiful and handles skin tones so well. I am not sure how much I will shoot it in the future, but I really like the way this roll came out. 

Nikon F100 | Fuji Pro 400H | November 2013-February 2014 | Florida and Colorado