Tropical Memories

For about 5 years now, I would get excited about film for a little bit and shoot a roll or two, but because of where we lived I never had any good options for developing that film and so it would go into a bag in my refrigerator. I would then shoot digital again and kinda forget about it. I ended up collecting about 20 rolls of un-processed film. I know this is kinda silly but I am actually kind of glad I did this.

Now that I have a local lab that does a great job for an affordable price, and I am able to shoot film regularly, I am bringing these old rolls in one at a time with my new rolls to get developed and scanned. I have to tell you, it is so much fun re-discovering these old photographs. I get to relive parts of our history that I had completely forgotten about. I honestly had forgotten about almost everything that happened on this roll until I saw these pictures again and I love that. Because I captured these moments I can relive them and experience these moments and the emotions all over again. These pictures are from 2012 I think and were taken in and around our home in Daytona Beach Florida at the time. 

On a technical note, this is the first roll of Porta 800 I have developed. I really love how colorful and contrasty it is. There is also a lot of grain but I don't mind at all here. It fits the look of the pictures.  

Nikon F100 | Kodak Portra 800 | 2012...? | Florida

First Roll of Fuji 400H

This is my first developed roll of Fuji 400H. I was really curious to see the results I would get.

At first I was pretty disappointed. It isn't super contrasty or colorful so at first it looks kinda bland. The more I look at these images, though, the more I like it. It is subtle and beautiful and handles skin tones so well. I am not sure how much I will shoot it in the future, but I really like the way this roll came out. 

Nikon F100 | Fuji Pro 400H | November 2013-February 2014 | Florida and Colorado

Matt × Carol: Engaged

Yes I realize the irony of my first post on my new “Colorado Wedding Photographer” blog being a shoot from Ponce Inlet Florida, but it is actually my most recent shoot and it is an important one.

This is Matt and Carol. Courtney and Carol have been friends basically forever and Matt is an awesome dude that I have loved getting to know over the past couple years. We were able to shoot their engagement pictures at the beach because they actually came and helped us pack up our apartment on our last weekend in Florida. They are the kind of friends that do that. They are a ton of fun, they love to laugh, and they love adventures. They are definitely friends for life.

I picked some of my favorites for here on the blog. Check out their PASS gallery to see more and contact me if you are interested in engagement photography.