I think River was born at a really cool time of the year because her growth almost seems to match the seasons.

Just as Spring is upon us and it seems like the whole world is blooming, it seems like she is doing the same. Her little personality is starting to come out in spades and I love watching. She waves at everybody, smiles and giggles, and loves being outside. It is so fun to watch and I love this little girl so much. 

River has figure out waving and it is our favorite thing right now. She will wave and anybody and everybody. 

I wanted to cook some brats for lunch but we were out of propane. So what did I do? I did what a man would do and I cooked them over an open flame. And they were delicious.

Courtney wanted to make sure I got a picture of these diaper because they are "so cute". They are pretty cute aren't they?

We just love having great-granmda or "GG" living with us. She is so sweet and so much fun.