April Inspiration

On of the thins I want to start doing with this new incarnation of the blog is to start sharing with you the things that have inspired me artistically.

With my goal for 2019 of living a more art-full life, as I talked about here, I am trying to consume and be inspired by more art. Photographers and musicians are a natural place to start, but as I move forward I want to look more into short films, painters, and other artists as well. Each month I am going to try to write a post sharing with you some of the artists I have found that are currently inspiring me, and will hopefully inspire you as well.

Nate Kaiser

I could honestly write an entire post about Nate Kaiser. His photography has inspired me more than any other photographer ever. He runs a wedding photography company with his wife called The Image is Found that is amazing, but it’s his personal work that has really inspired me. It is entirely black and white, some of it is film, and some of it is Fujifilm X-series. Most of it is simple images of his life, family, and friends, but it is absolutely beautiful. I am not sure exactly what it is that speaks to me, but his images are simple, intimate, casual, nuanced, and beautiful. It is exactly what I want the images I produce to feel like. I am striving that direction but I have a LONG way to go.

Below are a few of the images I liked but he has SO many. There is a good archive on his personal blog, but for up to the date pictures you need to follow him on Instagram. You won’t regret it.

John Mayer

I mean, its freakin’ John Mayer, what more do I need to say? He has been on a roll recently. He released his new singe I Guess I Just Feel Like which is his best song in years, and he appeared on Talking Wathes again. Being a watch nerd I am not sure which I love more. Either way he is a cool interesting dude that has inspired me for a long time.

A Momento to Life

Interesting little short film I stumbled across. It isn’t magnificently done and the photography is nowhere near technically correct, but it’s a bit of a beautiful little story.

Hopefully you guys enjoy some of this stuff. I am going to try to do this monthly. Its always good to stay inspired. Have a great May friends!

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