Film Friday

So if you follow me on Instagram you know that I have been getting really into film photography recently. I kinda got the bug a couple weeks ago when I inherited some of my grandpas old cameras. I shot a roll and brought it and an old roll to be developed at my local lab, Englewood Camera. When I received the scans I kinda just went "uh oh", because I knew I was done for. These photos just have a look and feel that I LOVE and will never be able to replicate exactly with digital. They aren't perfect or the even great pictures, but they make me feel something. They have a depth to them. 

I am going to start a thing over here on my blog where every Friday I will post photos from a recent roll of film. I'll try to post notes about it and what I am learning as I journey through film photography. This first set is from the first roll I ever shot through my Nikon F100 (now sold). I bought the camera from a guy who owned some property way out in the country in Florida. I ended up hanging out with him for awhile and shooting some pictures of his horses and dog. There is also a couple of pictures from my drive back home to Daytona Beach as the sun was setting. 

Nikon F100 | Fuji Superia 200 | November 2013 | Florida