A Day in Pittsburgh

Over this past weekend Courtney and I traveled to her home town of Altoona PA for a big baby shower/party. It was a great time and the party was really special and fun. I'll be posting picture of it soon. 

Our first day we flew in to Pittsburgh and we explored a bit. We actually went on one of those Duck Tours where they use the old military truck that is also a boat and they drive and float you around the city to see all of it. It was actually really fun and a cool way to see the city. 

All of these pictures were taken with my Ricoh GR. I actually accidentally set the ISO to 6400 for almost all of these shots. I was really disappointed at first but I ended up kinda liking the grittiness it gave the photos. The biggest problem was that there was a fairly significant color shift at this ISO so I had to do some work to make the images look ok. I am pretty happy with these though. The 28mm focal length is becoming one of my favorites and having a pocketable camera capable of such great images is pretty freakin awesome. 


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