Hitting the Streets with my X100s

So I recently made the switch back to shooting Fujifilm. This is now the second time I have left Fuji only to come back. I made the decision for reasons that are kinda hard for me to explain. It's mostly a feeling thing. The image quality isn't necessarily better (though it is very good), they aren't the fastest cameras ever, but they just feel good to use. I am not sure that I would have even wanted to venture out and capture these images had I not had an X100s in my hand. There is something about them that inspires me to go take pictures and that is better than any "feature" a camera can have. 

These photos below are some of my first attempts at street photography...whatever that is. My goal was just to capture a little bit of Denver. I want to get better at photographing people, it still makes me very nervous, but it takes practice. 

I used my X100s with both the wide and the tele converters. I was actually really impressed with them. The quality through the converters was amazing and it kinda turns the X100s into its own little system.

X100s + TCL-X100 + WXL-X100