Flip Clock

For years I have loved the simple and beautiful design of flip clocks. I have been on the hunt for a vintage, working, good condition one for years. I know you can find them online but I really wanted to find one for myself. Today, at an ARC Thrift Store, I finally found it. It is a 1970's Copal Model 227. It is small, elegant, in almost new condition, and works like a champ...and I payed $3 for it. 

It immediately gained a place on my desk and I freakin' love this thing. 

First Photos with the Nikon 50mm f/1.4 F on my A7ii

Tonight, just before the sun went down, the UPS lady showed up with my Nikon to Sony NEX adapter. I quickly mated it to my FD 50mm f/1.4 and started shooting. It is surprisingly easy to focus and really fun also. I'll try to get an actual review up soon but here is some of my first shots with it in the mean time. 

I Am Going to Put My X-T1 Kit on Ebay

I never thought I would be writing this post but I think my love for Fuji cameras may be reaching an end. I am actually pretty disappointed with my X-T1. Disappointed enough to the point of selling it. 

I love the image quality and I love the handling and almost everything about it, what I am not happy with is the build. I have only had my X-T1 a little over a year and it is quite literally starting to fall apart. As you can see from the pictures below the rubber on the grip is wearing almost bald and is even starting to come off in areas. Also the door on the side has warped and doesn't close properly anymore. It has never really been wet but even if it had this camera is supposedly weather sealed.

I wouldn't say I am mad or frustrated, I am mostly just disappointed. I love this camera but I don't want to keep using if it is going to just keep falling apart and I don't want to buy another one if it is built exactly the same. For the money I spent for this camera I should not have to deal with problems like this. 

I think for now I am done. I still love my X100s and plan to keep it for the time being, but I think I am going to sell my whole X-T1 kit and invest in the new Sony A7ii. I'll write more about why the A7ii in a different post. For now I just wanted to express my frustrations with the X-T1.