Last Roll on the F100

This is the last roll that I ever shot with my Nikon F100. I sold it during this roll as you can tell by the randomness of the vpictures at the end. I was trying to finish it off so I could ship the camera the next day. 

I really loved that camera. I had to sell it at the time for money reasons, but I would love to own another one again someday. It was one of the best SLRs ever made and it felt so good to shoot.  

I splurdged this week and bought myself a Contax G1 with the Zeiss 45mm f2 and I may have found a camera I like more than that F100. I am going to try to write a first thoughts of it here soon. Anyways, here is the last roll ever shot on my Nikon F100.  

Nikon F100 |  Lomography Color 400 | Denver Colorado | Spring 2015