Bunce School Road

My alarm went off at 3:40am. I had a deadline to meet. I had a made a promise, a promise to myself that I had to keep. 

Life has changed a lot for me over that last couple years. In less than two years I went from being a married 20-something to being a thirty year old father of two. It has been the most amazing 2 years ever and I wouldn't change a thing about it. But one part of my life that has gone away a little bit is my ability to seek adventure. I need adventure in my life. I actually think every man does, it is part of what makes us men. I made a promise to myself that I would again start to seek adventure. 

With that promise I also agreed to myself that I would not sacrifice my role as a husband and father for adventure. It will need to supplement my responsibly and keep me refreshed and recharged to keep being the husband and dad I am called to be. I figured out that the best way to do this is to use the hours of the day that most people don't. So this morning Scott and I loaded up the Jeeps and headed west. 

We originally planned on doing Middle Saint Vrain trail but it was a bit too snow packed for two open-diff Jeeps. We ended up doing Bunce School Road. It was challenging, windy, cold, beautiful, and exactly what I needed. I ended up only getting one good picture. I will document future trips a little better. This was just about getting out into the wild for a little bit. 

Adventure is necessary, especially for men. I am learning to find it where I can. 

Mammoth Gulch

Taking a car where most cars can't go, seeing sights that few get to see, breathing fresh air, hearing almost nothing but the sound of your engine and the wind blowing...these are some of the reasons I love Jeeping. Colorado never ceases to amaze me with its beauty and opportunity to just have fun. 

Get out! Go explore! You never know what you might find. 

Fuji X100s + WCL-X100 | VSCOfilm Portra 160 | September 2015 | Mammoth Gulch, Colorado

Testing my iPhone 6+

So last Wednesday, Courtney and I spent the day at the pool. It was a really great time. But the next day I started to feel sick and then progressively got worse over the next couple days. Yesterday it I was feeling really bad, but I just couldn't stay in our apartment any longer. I needed to get out. Plus we got this awesome cloudy, cold, and rainy weather that made Colorado feel more like the PNW. I really wanted to get out and take some pictures in it. 

I was about to grab all my big gear when I had an idea. On Sunday I finally upgraded my old iPhone 5 to a new iPhone 6+ and I really wanted to give the camera a go and see what it could do. So I grabbed my dog, my headphones, and my iPhone 6+ and jumped in my Jeep. We ended up at Chataquah Park and Gross reservoir and it was worth it. The cloudy weather was so nice and relaxing. I really think I could live in weather like that most of the time. 

As far as the pictures go, I am so impressed with the camera in that phone. The quality really is pretty awesome. I edited these with Pic-Tap-Go and their Replichrome Mini pack (to give them a film look of course). Its a great feeling having such a capable camera in my pocket all the time. I might have to do more iPhone only shoots in the future. 


Estes with Friends


Hey friends. This past weekend we were really in need of a bit of a getaway. We decided to head up to Rocky Mountain National Park with our friends Bryan and Molly. It was a really fun time of just relaxing pretty much. We drove around, walked onto a frozen lake, and saw so many elk....literally hundreds of them. We live in a beautiful state and if your not exploring it, you are missing out.