The Bates: Westminster Family Photography

The Bates are one of the awesome families that I have had the opportunity to shoot for several years now. It is probably my favorite thing about photography, the relationships. I get to watch this family grow every year and I get to be a part of documenting their love for each other and the journey of their life. It truly is a joy and an honor. I hope I get to photograph them every year for decades to come.  

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Tom × Marissa: Lifestyle Portraits

This shoot was absolutely wonderful in so many ways. It was a beautiful day with a beautiful sunset, we got to spend the evening in Rocky Mountain National Park which is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful places on earth, we saw no fewer than 4 moose (one of them was chasing ducks in the lake), and most importantly, we got to spend the evening with Tom and Marissa.

We briefly knew Tom and Marissa in Florida but they moved shortly after to open their Chiropractic office in North Carolina. When they decided to travel to Colorado for a conference they contacted us and asked us to photograph them as a way to capture their time spent in the Rocky Mountains.

Sometimes after nights like this we almost feel weird letting people pay us. We had so much fun hanging out with this beautiful couple, it honestly felt more like a double date than a job. Tom and Marissa are so encouraging, so driven, so fun, and so in love. We love you guys and hope to see you again soon. 

Meghan: Arvada Senior Portraits

Every once in awhile I get asked to shoot senior pictures. I am always excited when I get the chance. It is such a cool time in life. There is so much opportunity and life just ahead of them and you can feel the excitement. 

Meghan was so much fun to work with. She has a really fun personality and was so easy to photograph. She has this beautiful love for horses and she plans to study equestrian sciences in college. She has an adventurous spirit and is actually going to spend half of her senior year in Europe!

Good things are ahead of you Meghan. Thanks for letting us hang out and capture a little bit of who you are.