Nathan Gilmer Photography → Gilmer Creative

Hello friends. You may have noticed that things look a little different around here. Its been kinda a mess as I have been making some changes. 

The biggest change is that I have decided to morph and change my photography business a little bit into a new brand called Gilmer Creative. I  have been wanting to make a change like this for awhile to take my brand in a little bit different direction. I like to think of Gilmer Creative as a story telling brand. We capture and communicate the stories of individuals, couples, brands, and organizations. We are going to continue to offer photography services for weddings and engagements though we are also adding film production and business branding to what we do. I will be continuing to do family photography but that will now fall under Our Adventure Blog brand which just seemed to make more sense. 

Check out the new website! I am really excited about it. It is all a work in progress still but I wanted you guys to know why everything looked so crazy. 

I will continue to use as my personal blog and portfolio site. It will actually probably get more use than ever now that I am shooting and really excited about film photography again.