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The Abandoned Turnpike

On our first full day in PA my father-in-law Scott took me and his buddy Brent on a bike ride on an old turnpike that has been abandoned since the 60's. It has two really long tunnels with no light that are pretty creepy and awesome to ride though. 

I also snuck up into the building part of one of them to get some shots inside. It definitely gave me a taste for URBEX. I see a visit to Detroit in my future...

Sony A7ii + Ricoh GR + VSCO Film 05

You may actually recognize this end of the first tunnel. It was used for a big scene in the movie The Road. It is a great movie. You should check it out if you haven't seen it. It is actually an excellent book as well. 

A Day in Pittsburgh

Over this past weekend Courtney and I traveled to her home town of Altoona PA for a big baby shower/party. It was a great time and the party was really special and fun. I'll be posting picture of it soon. 

Our first day we flew in to Pittsburgh and we explored a bit. We actually went on one of those Duck Tours where they use the old military truck that is also a boat and they drive and float you around the city to see all of it. It was actually really fun and a cool way to see the city. 

All of these pictures were taken with my Ricoh GR. I actually accidentally set the ISO to 6400 for almost all of these shots. I was really disappointed at first but I ended up kinda liking the grittiness it gave the photos. The biggest problem was that there was a fairly significant color shift at this ISO so I had to do some work to make the images look ok. I am pretty happy with these though. The 28mm focal length is becoming one of my favorites and having a pocketable camera capable of such great images is pretty freakin awesome. 

The Air Force Academy Chapel

This is one of my favorite buildings in the world. It is the Chapel at the United States Air Force Academy. It is a mostly modernist building with Gothic influence and a strong aeronautical theme because of its location. It is absolutely beautiful. We spent a couple hours exploring it inside and out and I probably could have stayed for a couple more hours.