I am married to this freaking amazing woman named Courtney. We met in college almost 10 years ago and everyday I am reminded how blessed I am that she is in my life. She is this strong, beautiful opinionated, and beautiful person that I get to spend my whole life with, and I try to never take that for granted. 

She is a loving wife, an amazing mom, a great friend, and a killer chiropractor and I hope you get the chance to meet her someday. 






I realize that "explorer" is a fairly pretensous sounding word but I am not exactly sure how else to say it. I love finding new roads, exploring mountains and oceans, and discovering new cities. The thought of the unknown and the sight of an un-explored road make me feel alive like little else does. 

Most of the time I am exploring in my little 2000 Jeep Wrangler named Blue-J. It has already taken me to some pretty cool places and I am sure will take me to many more. 



I have been a photographer for so long now that it truly is a part of my identity. It used to be something I did, now it is more who I am. 

The amount to which I am a "professional" photographer has changed a little bit throughout the years. I went from being full-time to "shooting just for me" and I think I am now at a happy medium. I work full time for Costco and take several clients a month. 

I have always loved using my photography to bring joy to other people. I love capturing their lives and family and story and I think that will always be a part of why I shoot. 


What's Your Story?

Enough about me, I want to hear about you. Who are you? What makes you come alive? 

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