Hi...My name is Nathan

I am a husband, dad, photographer, and gentleman. I used to be a full time wedding photographer, but recently I have cut back and only accept a limited number of weddings and projects every year. Photography is my outlet, my art, my passion, and it is the way I experience life. 

Recently I have been learning a lot about the art of being a gentleman in modern times. I am learning about loyalty, strength, passion, assertiveness, kindness and resilience. I am also learning about traditional fashion, horology (watches), wine, bourbon, classical music, and philosophy. I am fascinated about what it means to be a man and this site is a great outlet for me to express my thoughts.  

Anyways, welcome to the site. It is a mishmash of sorts. If you are interested in booking a shoot, than please contact me. Also make sure to check out the blog for recent posts.