Retro Graphics

So it’s STILL cold and snowy out here. I love it. I was beginning to think that this was the lamest winter ever but Colorado redeemed itself this week. 
So I put some stripes on Blue J. What do you think? I love the blue but I always thought it was a tad boring for my taste, it needed some personality. I was inspired by Jeeps of old, especially the Renegade Edition CJs of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s so that is kinda the vibe I went for. I am pretty pumped on how it came out. Now I just need to get her out exploring again soon.

Monthly Portraits

My favorite photo project I have right now, because it is very personal, is capturing at least one good photo of my children every month. It is so fun to see their growth over time. These are the two photos for January 2018. Links to the full galleries are at the end of this post.