Retro Graphics

So it’s STILL cold and snowy out here. I love it. I was beginning to think that this was the lamest winter ever but Colorado redeemed itself this week. 
So I put some stripes on Blue J. What do you think? I love the blue but I always thought it was a tad boring for my taste, it needed some personality. I was inspired by Jeeps of old, especially the Renegade Edition CJs of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s so that is kinda the vibe I went for. I am pretty pumped on how it came out. Now I just need to get her out exploring again soon.

Change of Plans | VLOG 006

This is a little VLOG about a day that didn't go according to plan. My buddy John is pretty good about making these VLOGs and I want to be better as well. I know that they kinda suck right now but the only way to get better is to practice a lot. So I am going to keep making these until they are good!

Sunrise on 2018

I don't really do New Years Resolutions anymore. I have found that they mostly do not work. What I try to focus on instead is changes of mindset and routine that can lead to more permanent change. This year my focus is going to be on improving my skillsets. I want to become proficient with my handgun, I want to learn first aid skills, and I want to become healthier. All of these things will require discipline and I think the best way to acquire discipline is to do things that take discipline. So the first thing I am going to work on this year is getting up before the sun everyday....starting today. 

I woke up and drove to the prettiest place I could find to watch the sun rise and welcome in the new year. It was a perfect start to 2018 for me. I hope to do a lot more exploring this year, it is one of the few things that brings peace to my soul. I hope you had a great start to the new year and I hope you have the discipline to make some awesome things happen for yourself this year.