Day Hike at Eldorado Canyon with the Family

One of my goals for 2017 is to get out in nature more. I want to get out by myself, but I also want to experience the beauty of the world with my wife, daughter and (soon) my son. 

Courtney, River, Scott, and I found the time a couple weeks back to do a little day hike up Eldorado Canyon. It was a super easy trail which was perfect for my daughter. She had a blast and wanted to just keep going and going. 

Its amazing the peace that I feel being outside with the wind blowing through the trees and the clouds passing overhead, and very few people around. Its good for the soul I think. Its also fun to get to use your gear and see if your setups work as well as you hope they do. 


I did this same trail about 3 years ago when it was snowing and I took one of my favorite pictures that day. I really wanted to find the exact spot this time and after some work, I found it!

For most of my outdoor adventures I wear my trusty Seiko SNZG13. Its light, tough, easy to read, and a field watch at heart, so its perfect for the job. 

Seiko SNZG13