Day Hike at Eldorado Canyon with the Family

One of my goals for 2017 is to get out in nature more. I want to get out by myself, but I also want to experience the beauty of the world with my wife, daughter and (soon) my son. 

Courtney, River, Scott, and I found the time a couple weeks back to do a little day hike up Eldorado Canyon. It was a super easy trail which was perfect for my daughter. She had a blast and wanted to just keep going and going. 

Its amazing the peace that I feel being outside with the wind blowing through the trees and the clouds passing overhead, and very few people around. Its good for the soul I think. Its also fun to get to use your gear and see if your setups work as well as you hope they do. 


I did this same trail about 3 years ago when it was snowing and I took one of my favorite pictures that day. I really wanted to find the exact spot this time and after some work, I found it!

For most of my outdoor adventures I wear my trusty Seiko SNZG13. Its light, tough, easy to read, and a field watch at heart, so its perfect for the job. 

Seiko SNZG13

My New Tahoe Project

This is my new project! It is a 1996 Chevy Tahoe with the Vortec 350 V8 and 4 wheel drive. My plan is to turn it into an expedition/camping vehicle with some bug out capabilities as well. 

My dad found it and helped me with the purchase. It has a blown motor so we were able to pick it up for $550 and he payed to have it delivered. Overall it is in pretty good shape actually. I can't wait to get started on turning it into something awesome. 

The interior isn't even that terrible. The seats are not ripped and are pretty clean. The carpet is pretty terrible, but I think it will shampoo out just fine. 

We were able to pick up a motor for $150 and have already begun the swap. I am going to post the process here on the blog as we go. I think it should be a fairly smooth job. 

Originally I was planning on trying to flip it to make some extra money, but I may end up turning it into my daily adventure rig. For what I payed for it, I might as well just have some fun with it. So the goal for now is to get it running and safe so I can use it as my daily driver, and that will give me the time and ability to really start work on my Roadmaster and getting it fixed up and ready to sell. 

I think the overall direction I want to go with this Tahoe is I want it to be a vehicle that is ready for adventure, exploration, and possible bugging out, at any time. 

Some Ideas:

  • Lift Kit
  • Push Bar with Winch
  • Roof Top Tent
  • Vinyl Wrap
  • Interior Storage and Cooking Solutions
  • Performance Upgrades
    • Exhaust
    • Chip
    • Intake
    • Snorkel...?

I will be posting updates as I go. I am pretty excited about this build. It think its going to be a lot of fun.