Welcome to the new NathanGilmer.com. It has seen several iterations over the years as my life and goals have changed. 

The current phase of life I am in now has me learning more than I ever have in my life. I am learning to be a husband, an employee and supervisor, and a dad. Because of this I decided to re-vamp this little website and make it a log of my journey in learning to be a man in these modern times. 

I also honestly hope this site might turn into my barbershop website at some point. I am planning on going back to barber school this fall and would love to open up a shop someday. 

I plan to write about things that interest me related to manliness. I am interested in fashion, knives, fitness, the outdoors, jeeps...that sort of thing. 

I hope you enjoy and are able to get something out what I learn along the way.

- Nathan