My Neighborhood

Courtney and I met with a Realtor and Loan Officer this past week. It was a very positive meeting that has us really excited about the near future. We are looking in the Northglenn area near where we live now. I went for a short walk today and am again reminded why we love this are so much. It is such a comfortable, cozy, homey feeling area. I hope we can stay here for a while to come. 

Casio Casiotron

This is the newest edition to my watch collection, and you may be surprised to hear, but it is already one of my most prized pieces. The reason why is this was my grandfathers watch. He passed away last year and this was one of the watches left in his bathroom. It was purchased by my grandpa in the late 70's when he was an airline pilot for Frontier Airlines meaning this watch has probably been around the world. I threw a battery in it and it started working perfectly which is pretty impressive for being a 35 year old digital watch.

It is comfortable and classy and I freakin love it. I love having a connection to my grandpa on my wrist all day. He was a great man and having the timepiece that served him well for decades on my wrist inspires me to be great like he was. 

My Neighborhood

This is a project I have been working on for a long time. We currently live in Northglenn Colorado and it is an interesting little suburb that is actually changing and growing a great deal. My goal with this project is to capture Northglenn during this time in its life.

This is an ongoing project so I will be posting pictures in this series as I capture them. Most are taken while on walks with my family.